The mission of the Medical Reserve Corps organizations serving Region 4b is to create a group of trained volunteers who are available to support local, sub-regional, regional, state and federal public health personnel in responding to an event or emergency that threatens the public health in Region 4b or surrounding areas.


The Region 4b MRC units were formed to promote public health and safety across the region, in three key areas:

1. Public Health Emergencies – events that threaten public health, such as a disease
    outbreak or toxic chemical release.
2. Mass Casualty Incidents – disasters that cause injury or threats to large numbers
     of people. These can include a building collapse, fire, storm, flood, or other
     event that displaces groups of residents who must be moved to emergency shelters.
3. Community Service Activities – opportunities to foster the well-being of
    local residents; such as health fairs, blood pressure clinics, or training programs.

To highlight MRC volunteers in action, Worcester County faced severe ice storms in 2008 and MRC volunteers were deployed to staff temporary emergency shelters and provided administrative and medical assistance as needed.

The MRC offers a wide range of trainings to its members to equip them with the skills and knowledge to assist local health departments. Trainings are offered throughout the year and include CPR/First Aid, Home Preparedness, and Flu Care at Home. No medical experience is necessary. If you are interested in becoming an MRC volunteer, please contact the Arlington Health Department at region4bmrc@town.arlington.ma.us or 781-316-3170.